BH3368A - Embedded Control Module

BH3368A Control Embedded Module
Originaly, the BH3368A has been developed as protocol controller. However, it can be used as embedded controller in many other areas. The BH3368A is based on Microchip MCU, has CAN controller, one serial port either RS232C or RS485 and 53 bidirectional I/O lines with interrupt. It has an expansion connector with 8 bit data bus and 6 bit control bus lines, SPI, reset and clock signals.

The BH3368A is compatible with BH9914A - GPIB embedded controler. The BH9914A can be easy connected to expansion connector.

The BH3368A can be powered either from non-regulated DC power supply 6V to 12V or from regulated DC power supply +5V.

BH3368A datasheet:  download here
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