BH9914A - GPIB Embedded Module

BH9914A GPIB embedded module

BH9914A GPIB embedded module - top layout

The BH9914A GPIB (also HP-IB or IEEE-488) embedded module allows to connect various electronic systems to GPIB network. The BH9914A is based on National Instruments NAT9914 gpib controller (or Texas Instruments TMS9914) and is easy accessible over eight data bits from any microcontroller system. The BH9914A can be populated either as controller or talker/listerner only.

Optionally, the BH9914A can be populated with a local oscillator and local RESET circuit. The local oscillator can be in range from 2 MHz up to 20 Mhz. If the local oscillator is installed, the clock signal is available on system connector for external use.
Two optionally installed headers allows to use the BH9914A for GPIB signals monitoring. The BH9914A module size is 73 mm x 64 mm.

BH9914A datasheet:  download here
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