BH571M - Timing Generator & Digital Clock Module

Timing Generator and Digital Clock Module


  • crystal based source signal
  • ten different timing signals
  • integrated logic array 4/6 digits digital clock
  • two relay outputs
  • power H-bridge output
  • remote controlled setting
  • battery backup
  • various displays possible
  • network interface (option)
  • +5V DC or +6V ... +12V DC operation

  • Most laboratory systems today requires a timing capability like time of day, time intervals, etc. The time data are used for scheduling measurement, logging data, initiating laboratory measurement on a periodic basis, sequence of laboratory processes and much more.

    The timing generator with digital clock is versatile and generally useful module for any laboratory and industry workshop instrument.


    The BH571M is an embedded timing generator module equipped with logic array digital clock. It can be ordered with or without display. The source for timing generator is precision crystal oscillator. The digital clock has selectable 4 or 6 digits and 12 or 24 hours mode. The clock output is non-multiplexed available for direct driving display and various microcontroller interfaces.

    The module has two power relay timer outputs and one power H-bridge output. The module can be powered either from non-stabilized DC power supply in range 6V 12V or from stabilized +5V DC line and backuped with NiMH 2700 mWatt battery. A battery charger and changeover are part of the module.

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