BH5321A - 20-keys Programmable Keyboard Module

20-keys Programmable Keyboard Module
  • 4x5 Matrix
  • fully programmable key values, rows and columns
  • programmable debounce and typematic
  • user accessible EEPROM
  • serial TTL or PC/AT interface
  • IP67 tactile gold switches
  • round or rectangle caps
  • size 66x57 mm
  • Description

    The BH5321A is fully programmable 4x5 matrix keyboard module which can be connected to host either with 1-wire or 2-wire TTL serial interface or PC/AT line. Each key, full row and column can be programmed for custom configuration. The value returned by the BH5321A can be programmed to any standard value.

    Also the typematic rate and debounce time can be programmed. All programmed values are stored in EEPROM and are saved when power is off. The keyboard module uses high reliable IP67 tactile gold switches with round or rectangle plastic caps.

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