BH1000A - Power Analyzer 1- & 3-phase TestBox

BH1000A TestBox BreakoutBox 3-Phase Analyzer

BH1000A TestBox BreakoutBox 3-Phase Analyze

The BH1000A is a 3-phase Power Analyzer TestBox, BreakoutBox. The instrument allows you to measure on a 1-phase or 3-phase network. Installed 3-phase digital meter measures voltage, current, real and reactive power, consumption. The Power Analyzer has RS-485 interface with a MODBUS-RTU protocol.

The Power Analyzer has internal voltage and current sensors, however optionally allows you to connect dataloggers and/or to measure the current with external current clamps or ammeters and voltage with external voltmeters.


Current Range 32 A
Voltage Range 630 V
Frequency Range 25 to 500 Hz
S0 pulse output
Size: 430 x 205 x 130 mm

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