BH220A, Programmable Multi-interface Adapter
programmable multi-interface adapter
enables various computer and control systems to be connected to one another.

BH9001A, CNC Power Supply
CNC power supply
offers 2x 8A up to 50V (100V at High Voltage Version) as well as +5V/4A and +12V/3.5A with shortcut protection. Size 160x100mm. The power supply is usable for other applications too.

BH201A, Rbox - Resistance Decade Box
Resistance Decade Box (Rbox) with range 0 Ω to 100 MΩ
Rbox BH201A is a decade box with resistance in range from 0 Ω to 100 MΩ and steps 0.1 Ω. It offer RTD simulation for PT100 /PT500 / PT1000 in range from -200°C to +850°C. BH201A can be remotely controlled via RS232C, USB, LAN and GPIB.

BH5215A, RS232C / USB to 64 bit parallel output adapter
RS232C / USB to 64 bit parallel output
BH5215A is an embedded serial to parallel controller. It has bidirectional RS232C channel and USB 2.0 channel. Both channels have 64 bit outputs, expandable up to 512 bits. The BH5215A can also works as RS232C / USB converter.

BH1000A, Power Analyzer 3-phase TestBox, BreakoutBox
Power Analyzer 3-phase TestBox, BreakoutBox
The BH1000A is a 3-phase Power Analyzer TestBox, BreakoutBox. The instrument allows you to measure on a 1-phase or 3-phase network. Installed 3-phase digital meter measures voltage, current, real and reactive power, consumption. The TestBox has RS-485 interface with MODBUS-RTU protocol.

BH6520A, High Voltage Laboratory DC power supply
BH6520A, Hgh Voltage Laboratory DC power supply
The BH6520A is high voltage laboratory DC power supply with output in range 0 ... 1510 Volt and continuous power of 200 Watt. It has Ethernet and USB 2.0 interface for a remote control.

BH9000A, embedded system DC power supply
BH9000A, embedded system DC power supply
The BH9000A is multiple outputs linear DC power supply for embedded systems. It offers six adjustable DC outputs with 118 Watt total power.

BH5321A 20-keys Programmable Keyboard Module
BH5321A, 20-keys Programmable Keyboard Module
The BH5321A is fully programmable 4x5 matrix keyboard module which can be connected to host either with 1-wire or 2-wire TTL serial interface or PC/AT line. Each key, full row and column can be programmed for custom configuration.

BH3368A Embedded Control Module
BH3368A, embedded control module
An embedded control module BH3368A is based on Microchip MCU, has CAN controller, one serial port either RS232C or RS485 and 53 bidirectional I/O lines with interrupt.

BH6520B Embedded Control Module
BH6520B, embedded control module
A control embedded module BH6520B allows to control linear and switched power supplies and generators. It has LAN and USB interface for remote control.

BH9914A GPIB embedded module
BH9914A, embedded GPIB (IEEE488) module
An embedded module BH9914A allows to upgrade various electronic systems with GPIB interface and connect the instruments to GPIB network.


BH8348A, a microwave wideband power amplifier
A power microwave amplifier BH8348A delivers increased microwave power performance across a 2 MHz to 5200 MHz frequency range with +33 dBm of unleveled output power.

BH571M - Timing Generator
BH571M - Timing Generator & Digital Clock Module
BH571M is an embedded timing generator module based on low power CMOS technology. It offers ten different timing signals. It is equipped with a crystal based source signal, logic array 12/24 hrs digital clock, two relay outputs, power H-bridge output.

BH4114A - RF dummy power last 50Ω / 100 Watt
BH4114A - rf dummy power last 50Ω / 100 Watt over 3000 MHz
BH4114A is a RF power last based on rf resistor 50Ω / 150 Watt, inductance 5 nH, tolerance 1% and temp. koef. 50 ppm/K.